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10 Tips For Hosting A Corporate Function

Work functions sound fun in theory, but they can quickly turn to horror if you don’t plan and prepare the event in an appropriate manner. At Heritage Lounge, our Parramatta bar regularly hosts corporate functions, so we know a thing or two about work party planning. Here’s the top tips from our team.

  1. Professionalism is crucial.

There are many different types of people who work in workplace, with varying backgrounds and values. If you choose to host your corporate function at a cheap and nasty nightclub, you could offend some of your peers. Take your troops to a sophisticated bar instead.

  1. Don’t corner your crew off to a separate room.

If you have a small group of colleagues, there is no need to book a segregated room for your function. This could draw you away from the atmosphere in the rest of the venue. Having a table or booth within the greater bar or restaurant will keep the vibe alive.

  1. Food = enjoyment.

A corporate function wouldn’t be complete without quality food catering. It’ll also help to dilute the alcohol and therefore ensure nobody ends up in an awkward meeting with HR regarding their party behaviour.

  1. Go local.

Rather than getting your team to venture miles for the event, choose a function venue close to your workplace. Our Paramatta event venue is an option to consider!

  1. Always look at the bar menu before you book.

It wouldn’t be a good work party without good drinks, so check what beverages will be on offer for your colleagues during the event. Some Sydney venues might restrict what you can order during a function, so this is something to be checked with the event staff prior to booking your function.

  1. Prepare some entertainment to lighten the mood.

For some people, it can be difficult to break out of work mode and properly relax. Entertainment, like team-building games or music will break the ice among your colleagues and help to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

  1. Seating arrangements can avoid drama.

If you’re hosting a sit-down corporate function, you could benefit from pre-selecting the seating arrangements. This can be a great way to encourage new friendships among the team. (It goes without saying, but don’t seat two enemies’ side by side!)

  1. Get the work-related stuff out the way first.

Many businesses save presentations and announcements for corporate functions, which is a great idea as all your employees will be present. However, getting these speeches done first will ensure everyone still has opportunity to wind down afterward.

  1. Get a list of dietary requirements.

There’s nothing worse than the chaos and guilt of an allergic reaction. Send a bulk email out to your company staff a few weeks prior to the function to find out who you need to cater specially for.

  1. Place the stress in the hands of someone else.

Unless event coordination is your profession, it’s best to leave the dirty work in the hands of professionals. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy yourself without a worry. At Heritage Lounge, our specialised event planners will handle all the details of your event – you just have to turn up! Contact us on (02) 9633 3887 to book a function.

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