Introducing – LE CHEVAL

Mark the occasion, celebrate the week’s achievements, or set the tone for an exceptional night by stepping into LE CHEVAL. Only the finest gain entrance, having earned their place through the tantalising tastes, arresting aromas, and quality ingredients that add up to international repute. Now is the time; venture into our exclusive cigar room to take hold of the moment before it goes up in smoke. The wise pair their choice with a whiskey from The Vault, to clinch the delivery of an exquisite experience.


Heritage Lounge will tailor a memorable evening to suit any occasion. Offering private areas, dedicated guest hosts, VIP bottle service, as well as mouth watering canapés and hors d’oeuvres, Heritage Lounge will deliver on every aspect, ensuring you are given an experience like no other.

Together, with every private function area and bottle service purchased, Heritage Lounge will customise your very own experience tailored for you and your guests.

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Our limits end with you.

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