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How To Find The Best Event Venue In Parramatta

The best event venue for you will differ according to the type of event you plan on hosting. After all, a child’s second birthday shouldn’t be hosted at a cocktail bar, and a corporate function shouldn’t be hosted at a child’s playhouse.

At Heritage Lounge, we understand that choosing a function venue or party venue can be difficult. Not only do you want to impress your guests, but you want to set the scene for an enjoyable and memorable occasion. There are other things that might impact your decision too, like budget and availability. In fact, there is a wide range of factors that need to be considered when selecting a venue. We’ve listed just a few below.

  1. Consider accessibility and parking.

Do majority of your guests live nearby? (Guests will be more likely to attend if the venue is local to them). Will your guests be able to drive to the venue? Is there any public transport available nearby? How far will your guests need to walk to get to the venue? (A long walk might not be favourable for those wearing heels).

  1. The price of your venue can make all the difference.

Some Parramatta venues charge per person, whereas others will charge per room. If you are hosting a small event with 10 or less people, you might be able to gather at a local cocktail bar or pub and enjoy your function in the main public areas. Otherwise, it is best to ‘shop around’ at local venues and see who may be offering a suitable rate according to your budget. When receiving a quote, be sure to query what is included in the price, as some inclusions can increase the overall cost.

  1. Think about whether the space and facilities suit your needs.

It’s highly recommended that you visit your favourite Parramatta venue before officially booking your event. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate your space and ensure there will be enough room for your guests. Some functions may require audio-visual or tech facilities, so it’s important to check with each venue to see what they can provide.

  1. Sit down or stand up?

Do you want your guests seated at tables or mingling between bar stools? We generally recommend removing some of the seating from your venue if you want to encourage a lively atmosphere and plenty of socialising, however seated arrangements may be better suited to formal events or evenings after a long workday.

  1. Atmosphere is everything.

Above all else, you need to consider whether the atmosphere and vibe of your chosen event venue will match the purpose of your event. For corporate functions and sophisticated celebrations, you should select a venue that is suave, stylish and upmarket. Good quality food and premium drinks will help to enhance and excite the atmosphere at your venue, so evaluate the food and beverage menus that will be available to guests on the day.


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