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Introducing LE CHEVAL, Our Sydney Cigar Lounge

Our cigar lounge in Parramatta is a stomping ground for the like-minded, those who savour in the sophistication of a high-quality cigar, composed of only the finest ingredients and delivering the most satisfying sensory experience. LE CHEVAL welcomes connoisseurs of the Australian and the global cigar, provides a sanctuary for enjoyment, where everyone in attendance is in harmony.

Our Cigar Range

The Heritage Lounge humidor is fiercely protected, merchandised selectively with the most elite sticks. Our establishment’s executive management ensures that a golden standard is maintained across our entire cigar range. Each and every brand of cigar that enters our humidor first undergoes a thorough screening process.

No-name cigars are banished; reputation proceeds those fine products that lie side by side in our collection. It takes a fine flavour, a sophisticated aroma, and pure, meticulously sourced ingredients for a cigar to be considered fit for our humidor; and even then, it is up to the discretion of the expert cigar merchandising team at our Parramatta cocktail bar.

Our cigar menu is no slouch, featuring instead detailed descriptions of the experience to be had, allowing for a considered choice. Our notes elaborate on the appearance, from cap to foot; the colour; the finger feel, be it toothy or smooth, spongy or firm; the scents and tastes – from rich molasses and cedar to white pepper and dark chocolate – and the way they alter between the draw, the foot, and upon retrohale, and across the thirds towards the bittersweet finish; how the stick takes to the flame; the strength or the subtlety; the meaning.

Our brands include Bolivar cigars, Cohiba cigars, H. Upmann cigars, Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars, Montecristo cigars, Partagas cigars, Quintero cigars, Romeo y Julieta cigars, and Trindad cigars. This collection establishes us as the foremost premium tobacconist Parramatta patrons can trust to empower their high-life, low-stress lifestyle.

Our cocktail bar also offers mouth-watering canapés and hors d’oeuvres and VIP bottle service from the Vault, a high-end whisky and spirits collection to match the calibre of our humidor. Clinch a delectable experience with a sage pairing.

Arrange Your Experience

A true cigar aficionado needs no excuse, but motivations abound for visiting our Sydney cigar lounge with a distinguished entourage of colleagues and associates. Have you achieved goals in life, love or business over the last week? Good, it’s time to celebrate. Has it been a week of failed ambition and spirit-crushing obstacles? That’s a shame, come in to regroup and regather your strength for the next onslaught.

Are you and your friends in the mood to live it up in style? Well, you know where to go. The night starts on a golden note at LE CHEVAL at Heritage Lounge, your squad comparable to a group of generals mapping out plans in a smoky room before battle. Or it ends fittingly, the night ‘going up in smoke’ but remaining a memory to cherish, like a quality draw.

We look forward to seeing you at our heritage-rich Paramatta establishment. Contact us on or 0434 381 688 for bookings. See you soon at Level 1/215 – 217 Church St, Parramatta.

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