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Most popular sharing platters in Sydney

Sharing platters are more than food. They are a way of life.

Platters of food genuinely bring people together and act as a brilliant mantel pieces to form relationships over. They are an excellent talking point, and can act as a suitable replacement for a celebratory cake or main meals. It’s a sneaky way to ensure a cheap dining experience.

Forget the fact that you will be swatting your loved one’s hand away from the last piece of cheese that you wanted and most-rightfully deserved, and sharing platters are a very lovable food item.

Most sharing platters showcase upmarket and swanky foods that are either too rich in taste or too expensive in price to purchase as a main-sized meal. Tasting and sharing some of the country’s most delectable foods with friends and family is an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening.

So, let’s discuss the ingredients that make up a first-rate platter, and where you can purchase a popular grazing platter around Sydney when making your own gets too tough.

What do the best sharing platters have on them?
Creating a world-class food platter can be a complex task. Believe it or not, it is not as simple as chucking your pantry scraps onto a plate. Producing a platter that will have sensory appeal needs much thought and consideration.

If you are truly seeking to impress your guests, you will need to think about what dish or board you want to present the foods on, what exact foods need to be purchased for the platter, how you will lay out the foods on the platter, and what drinks you will need to accompany the sharing dish.

Yup – one simple task may require weeks of shopping and planning. Better to start organising it sooner rather than later.

First of all, you might like to think about Sharing platters come in a range of types and varieties. There are hot food platters, cold food platters, dessert platters, and more. However, most sharing platters will not ever mix items from those categories.

Below are some examples of what a quality grazing platter may contain:

  • Hot food platter: crumbed chicken, fish fingers, party pies, mini sausage rolls, mini quiches, frankfurts, warm bread, sauces and dips.
  • Cold food platter: cheese wheels, nuts, dried fruits, dips, crackers, vegetable sticks, sourdough.
  • Dessert platter: popcorn, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars or squares, tarts, cups of yoghurt.

To make the platter board look fabulous, the most modern way of arranging the items is by blending and mixing them all over the plate. Spreading the separate ingredients out over the platter means that everyone has equal advantage over the goods, regardless of where your guests are sitting or standing.

Where is the best sharing platter in Sydney?
Time to face the facts. Making your own share platter at home is way too tough for majority of us delicate modernisers.

Why bother wasting your time if you can purchase a top-notch platter at one of the best restaurants or food venues in your local city. Leave it up to the professionals!

Going out for a share platter, rather than staying in, gives you and your guests an excuse to dress up and venture into the wild, wild world of Sydney dining. Instead of a breaking a sweat over your platter at home, you can let a talent chef do the hard work for you.

One of Sydney’s most popular places for sharing platters in 2019 is our very own bar, Heritage Lounge.

The most popular grazing platters on our menu are:

Our signature Cheese Board.
Everybody loves a good ol’ cheese platter. We have combined Bellavitano, aged cheddar, creamy feta, and organic camembert with fruits and crackers. Cheese lovers can unite over this famed selection.

The Charcuterie Board.
Can’t pronounce it? Don’t worry – nobody can. This showy platter blends famous curated meats with some house speciality cheeses. Expect prosciutto, salami, ham, chorizo, crisps, cheese and bread.

Our beloved Fisherman’s Basket.
Warm up with a spread of freshly cooked seafood goods. Fried fish, calamari, squid, chips and sauce come together to form our mouth-watering fisherman’s basket. It is everything you have ever needed.

Each one of our platters can serve around six people. So, we recommend rallying around as many people as possible so you can have an excuse to buy them all.

In addition to our popular share platters is our a la carte menu, designed for nibbling with friends. We also have a renowned cocktail menu that incessantly keeps our bar area licking their lips for more. Our team are pro’s at drink pairing.

To experience the best platters that Sydney has to offer, look no further than Church Street in Parramatta. The foodie experts at Heritage Lounge are here to show you how to make the best sharing platter possible.

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