Join us in celebrating this historical moment on March 31

On March 31 at 4:00pm, Heritage Lounge will be holding an open-air, public parade down Church Street to mark the release of the longest-aged single malt Scotch Whisky in history and to celebrate this unique historical moment.

In line with the age of this whisky and to bring Parramatta’s heritage to life, the parade will feature a marching band of pipers and vintage cars. Grainy, greyscale photographs summon an incomplete image of the vibrancy and the character of 1940s Parramatta. Together, we’ll be bringing the era of bottling back to life in full-colour, full-volume, and with a full-scale celebration.

Don a vintage tailored suit and venture to Church Street for an evening of celebrating what’s best in life. Everyone is welcome, whether you intend in partaking of the 80-year-old single malt, or would rather sample from our Vault Menu or cocktail bar.

    For large groups greater than 20 people, please call Heritage Lounge directly on: 0434 381 688

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