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Join Oribu オリーブ Angove Family Winemakers


Indulge in a symphony of 10 courses.

28th August at 6pm

Tantalise in the magic of perfectly paired delights, just don’t allow driving to limit your night.


Angove Family Winemakers, one of Australia’s esteemed winemaking and distillation enterprises, began in 1886 with Dr. William Thomas Angove. The family’s winemaking venture started in Adelaide’s Tea Tree Gully as a side pursuit, with the intent to produce health tonics from grape harvests. Dr Angove’s first vineyard, planted with Shiraz and Riesling, grew from 4 to 40 hectares by 1900, culminating in a bespoke winery and distillery.

In 1910, Thomas Carlyon Angove, sought to enlarge the family business, travelling to Renmark in South Australia’s Riverland to establish a distillery and grape processing house. This venture sparked Australia’s evolution in viticulture and winemaking along the River Murray.

Fifty years later, Thomas William Carlyon Angove acquired a 480-hectare land along the Murray River. Today, the Nanya Vineyard is Australia’s largest certified organic estate with 260 hectares under cultivation. The Angove family, known as pioneers in organic viticulture, are devoted to ongoing improvements in vineyard management and environmental sustainability.

Since 2008, the family has made significant strides in premium winemaking under fourth generation John Carlyon Angove, including the acquisition of super-premium Warboys Vineyard and Angels Rise in McLaren Vale. These vineyards, managed organically, yield some of McLaren Vale’s top-quality grapes.



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28th Aug 2023 @6:00pm


A Symphony of 10 Courses with Wine Pairings