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Six Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue To Host Your Event

As we all know, choosing a venue is the biggest decision that needs to be made in the lead up to an event. The venue can make or break the occasion. Unless you have your own mansion home to gather the troops in, you are most likely looking for a local bar or club to host your celebration.

We are seasoned party planners, so we know all of the common mistakes to avoid. To give you a helping hand, we have outlined six crucial things to think about while you search for your perfect event venue. Read carefully and take notes – these are hella important.

  1. Location

In order for your guests to actually turn up (and not be complaining about the cost of their Uber all night), you will need to choose a venue that is within a reasonable distance of their homes. It is probable that many of your guests will be drinking at the event, so car parking is not crucial. However, being nearby to public transport and in close proximity to their residence is important. In fact, one of the reasons why Heritage Lounge has become a popular event venue in Parramatta is because it stands alongside various public transport routes.

  1. Food

Good food makes people happy. Not only do you want the food to be plentiful, but you want it to be delicious. Quality food can establish a happy atmosphere, so you should analyse the venue menu thoroughly. The best bars and restaurants in Sydney will have a widespread menu, with options for people with dietary restrictions. They should have ample drinks available too.

  1. Space

Before you compare venues, you will need to work out how many guests you plan on inviting. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect that 10% of all invited guests will not turn up on the day. Although you don’t want to have a venue that is too small (squished, sweaty people is not fun), it is also important that you are not picking a venue which is too big. A perfectly sized location will encourage mingling without forcing guests into other guests’ armpits.

  1. Setting

Modern décor is essential to impress your event guests. Most newly opened or renovated bars and clubs west of Sydney will have stylish interior décor – like our Paramatta bar.

  1. Service

A grumpy waiters or a grumpy DJ could ruin the mood of your event. You want your guests to feel amply catered for, and optimal customer service from venue staff is vital to achieve this.

  1. Vibe

The final thing you need to consider before choosing an event venue is the general vibe of the location. You need a place that is lively, but also cultured. We recommend sneakily wandering past the venue on a Friday or Saturday night to see if the mood is totes poppin’.

If you are hunting for the best event venues in Sydney to host your occasion, Heritage Lounge could be the ideal location for you. We are experienced event planners, and our Paramatta bar can host an array of event types including:

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Networking events
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Engagement parties
  • And more.

Our extensive catering menu, sophisticated décor styling and prestigious vibe has attracted hundreds of party planners from across the state to our Paramatta event venue. We love events and always endeavour to give you the celebration you deserve. Contact our team today to find out more information.

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