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The Best Place To Watch The 2019 Melbourne Cup

With the silly season rapidly approaching, socialites are already beginning to plan the proceedings for their Melbourne Cup festivities. There is nothing worse than forgetting to organise your event, panicking in the week leading up to the Cup because you have nowhere to go, and then ultimately eating stale cheese off a china plate in your living room.

For those who do not live in Victoria, organising the day is not as simple as purchasing a ticket to Flemington. Sydney onlookers must find a sophisticated and appropriate venue with live coverage of the Melbourne Cup Race.

Most pubs, hotels and clubs will flick their screens over at around midday to show the popular event, but for the ultimate experience, trendsetters prefer to attend a venue that is hosting a fully-fledged bash on the day. This may involve a Melbourne Cup luncheon, Melbourne Cup party, or private Melbourne Cup function.

So, where in Sydney can you watch the Melbourne Cup? What New South Wales venue is hosting the best Melbourne Cup party?

To aid you search, and ensure you are set for the best Melbourne Cup experience, we have outlined a few crucial questions to ask as you are planning your day.

Is the venue going to hold your party size?
Sure, a single person may be able to wiggle their way into any venue last minute. However, larger groups will struggle to find a function room that will be big enough to host them on Melbourne Cup Day.

As the race is held on a Tuesday, many corporate teams will ditch the office early to attend a Melbourne Cup lunch together. In this instance, the venue will need to play host to all of your colleagues that may make a rushed final decision to tag along.

The key to solving this dilemma is to start investigating the best Melbourne Cup functions early, and getting in contact with venue managers as soon as possible to request a group booking.

Can you be transported to the venue easily?
The chaos of Melbourne Cup Day often leaks into streets when people are trying to catch last-minute Ubers and taxis to their luncheon destination. With so many people hastily dashing in all directions across Australia’s major cities, congestion can become a logistical nightmare. Is this why they call it the race that stops a nation…?

Instead of hosting their Melbourne Cup parties in inner-city locations, savvy organisers are choosing suburbs bars and hotels to hold their event. Because of their proximity and ease, buzzing suburban pubs and venues are becoming a hotspot for Melbourne Cup drinks and luncheons.

In particular, many people North or West of Sydney are opting to watch the Melbourne Cup from Church Street in Parramatta. The area has enough popularity to create a celebrative buzz, but is not busy enough to generate congestion drama.

Will you be provided with the best food and drink?
Let’s cut to the chase: realistically, most of us are more interested in the Melbourne Cup festivities, rather than the actual horse race. The Melbourne Cup screams sophistication, elegance and class. In order to celebrate in tune with the glamour of the event, you need world-class food and renowned beverages.

Many new, stylish function venues in Sydney are boasting chic and innovative menus. As an example, Heritage Lounge’s food offering includes refined share platters and a delectable a la carte menu. Indulging in cultured food and beverages will ensure that you feel as glamorous and luxurious as the stars attending the real event.

Are they going to allow your party to blend into the night?
Although this may seem like an obvious question, it is an important one to consider. Because the Melbourne Cup is held mid-week, some event venues in Sydney will shut early in the afternoon and boot your gathering onto the street. It is possible that some hotels will not be open at all.

When selecting an appropriate function venue for the Melbourne Cup, it is crucial that the site is holding a dedicated event set to roll into the evening. You and your gathering deserve to get your money’s worth – so that means making the most of the occasion and partying well after the race is completed.

The post-Melbourne Cup Wednesday hangover is something to worry about later on, right?

Book now.
The 2019 Melbourne Cup will be held on Tuesday, 5th November. The most popular venues for Melbourne Cup luncheons in Sydney are already booking out in August, so it is in your best interests to begin investigating now.

If you would like a noble venue to cater for your Melbourne Cup party, you can turn to one of the best bars in Church Street, Parramatta. The team at Heritage Lounge suggest that you get in touch with their team as soon as possible to reserve a position on Melbourne Cup Day.

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