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What Are The Hottest Event Trends Happening Right Now?

  • Sophistication and refinement over naivety.

One of the biggest event trends at the moment is embodying a wealthy, modern and stylish event atmosphere. Tacky and humorous event themes have gone out the window as people opt for dressing up rather than dressing down. We’re seeing sophisticated event décor, refined catering menus, traditional event themes, and luxurious event atmospheres. This high-class event setting can be difficult to recreate in your own home, so we recommend choosing a sophisticated cocktail bar or event venue in Parramatta to help generate the suave mood you are looking for.

  • Intimacy wins over size.

In the past, the number of guests attending an event has been a social representation of the event’s success. However, event hosts have recently been opting for much smaller and intimate events, with only their closest and most valuable acquaintances in attendance. This is partly brought on by the pandemic and reduced venue sizes, but also thanks to a widespread desire for more intimate and important relationships being prioritised. At Heritage Lounge, we have a number of unique spaces within our Parramatta event venue, so you can choose a smaller or larger room depending on your needs.

  • Enhanced mingling at corporate functions.

Corporate functions and business events are an ideal time for colleagues and business partners to mingle and strengthen their relationships. As such, many event organisers are now choosing to have cocktail events where guests are standing and moving rather than sitting down. The up-and-about energy encourages guests to socialise with different groups and feel comfortable having both intimate and group conversations.

  • Choosing local venues and bars rather than distant CBD venues.

Most Sydney-siders actually live in the outer suburbs, so it makes sense that they would hold events at a nearby venue rather than venturing into the city every time they want to catch up with friends, colleagues or family. Heritage Lounge is setting the bar high for suburban nightlife and venues, with our Parramatta venue offering city-like sophistication in the heart of Western Sydney.

  • Don’t leave spirits off the beverage list.

Spirits, liqueurs and cocktails are the most popular night life drinks in Australia right now. Therefore, you should aim to incorporate some premium cocktails and spirit mixes into your event beverage menu. Wine and beer are great, but modern-day guests will be far more impressed with a diverse and sophisticated drinks menu.

  • Entertainment never gets old.

Providing entertainment at your event venue is just as important as it has always been. We recommend acoustic tunes or a subtle band to heighten the mood of your event and help guests feel relaxed. The entertainment should never overpower the occasion, but it’s an important element to help set the scene and encourage positive vibes throughout the day or evening. To hear what’s happening at Heritage Lounge in terms of events and entertainment, explore our website or contact our team today.

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