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What Is Single Malt Whisky?

Our Vault Menu at Heritage Lounge, one of the most esteemed cocktail bars and whisky bars in Parramatta and Sydney, narrows in on the finest single malt whiskies produced globally. Our preference for single malt falls in line with internationally accepted standards of excellence.

Despite the common misconception, the word single in single malt does not refer to the number of barrels or casks used in distilling the whisky. Indeed, the world’s best master distillers often show a flair for creatively combining the traits and characteristics of barrels sourced from distant forests, made of different types of wood of different ages. Whiskies that use multiple barrels in this way, before bottling their liquid symphony, are called blended single malts.

Instead, single in single malt refers to the number of distilleries involved. In life, sport, business and pleasure, it is often the case that when too many minds are involved, creative excellence becomes diluted, and the unity that can be achieved by a single distillery is lost. Communication breaks down and trade secrets are tightly held to the detriment of the end product in your glass.

Another component of single malt whisky is the ingredients in use; to be a single malt, only malted barley may be used as grain to produce the whisky.

Most whiskies are in fact blended whiskies, with 90% of all whiskies on the market estimated to be blends of whiskies from different distilleries. However, single malts are generally preferred, certainly in connoisseur circles, because of their distinctive and unique taste, strength, character and subtle complexity.

This said, not all single malt whiskies are made equal – and it is the job of any responsible whisky bar, such as Heritage Lounge in Parramatta, to act as the gatekeeper of quality, to ensure the ultimate in client experience and satisfaction.

At our Parramatta bar, an icon of the Sydney nightlife that stands out from other cocktail bars and pubs Parramatta features, only the finest quality single malt whiskies make it onto our Vault menu.

The Dalmore whisky at Heritage Lounge, Parramatta

One such single malt whisky that features on our Vault Menu is the Dalmore 45 Year Old, the brainchild of master distiller Richard Paterson. This nectar of the Gods is the result of exquisite cask selection, with only the very finest casks in use, of the rarest and highest quality timber.

With the 45 Year Old, these casks have been used for the distillation or ageing of other spirits and wines – for example, bourbon, Cabernet Sauvignon, and various port wines.

Nearly half a decade in the making, this rare esquire’s essential only exists in 500 bottles around the globe, and Heritage Lounge is proud to have obtained such a single malt for those who value their experience.

As a reward for the brave, anyone who decides to be one of 23 to ever partake of this Dalmore, will receive a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt, an H Upmañ Robusto Añejados Cuban Cigar, and a personalised scroll signed by the Dalmore Distillery.

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