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What’s Trending In 2021 For Sydney’s Nightlife?

With the unprecedented horrors and unexpected twists of 2020 almost behind us, most Sydney socialisers are now looking towards the year ahead to see what the hottest trends and behaviours will be. Keep reading to see what’s in vogue this upcoming year.

  • Gin for the win!

When it comes to bar orders in the most popular clubs and bars around Sydney, gin is rising the ranks to become one of the most desired drinks. In 2021, it’s also expected that cocktails will continue to be a top drink choice. At Heritage Lounge, we have some of the rarest and most exquisite liquors and cocktails from across the globe, so we welcome all trendsetters who want to try the trending tastes from our Paramatta bar.

  • Sophistication > rowdiness.

Hectic nights out on the town may have been cool when you were a teenager, but most people are now desiring sophisticated, modern and stylish local venues to spend their Friday and Saturday nights, rather than outdated, unclean and disorderly clubs.

  • Why venture beyond the suburbs?

Travelling into the city for a night out can sometimes feel as though you are wasting half of your time in transit rather than on the dancefloor. The most elite venues and bars are now popping up in outer city regions and suburbs, including in the heart of Paramatta. With lively clubs, great atmosphere and outstanding food/drink in the suburbs, why would you bother venturing into the city?

  • Safety is a priority.

Over the previous twelve months, coronavirus has devastated individuals and businesses across Australia. For a long period, nightlife and social lifestyles were stopped all together. This year, it’s more important than ever that we listen to the rules and regulations outlined by health officials to ensure we can have a safe year. At Heritage Lounge, we have introduced a number of measures to ensure our Paramatta venue is safe and our guests can enjoy themselves to their fullest without placing themselves or others at risk.

  • There’s no such thing as being ‘over-dressed’.

After a year of lockdown, it’s time to finally say goodbye to the trackpants and causal outfits. When attending events and Sydney venues this year, don’t hesitate to dress up in your finest outfits and show off your best self. If you’ve been keeping up with the digital world, you’ll notice that the top fashion and social influencers across the country are beginning to set the trend for luxurious gowns and statement formalwear.

  • The biggest calendar of events.

We’re in for a busy year of partying and celebrating! At Heritage Lounge, we are planning to host a number of events in Paramatta, so stay tuned to our website and social media channels (bookings will be essential for all events). To make this year your best one ever, be sure to get out and about when possible, support venues near me and clubs, indulge in dancing, drinks and food, and simply enjoy time spent with family and friends.

For more information about how Heritage Lounge is setting the trends for Paramatta nightlife in 2021, browse our website and follow us on social media today.

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